George Duma needs a week off

(Tribune February 2006)

George, you have got to calm down.

I read your rant in Fridays Tribune and it is obvious that you need a rest.

First, no one should get upset about Members of Parliament crossing the floor. It happens all the time and is not necessarily bad. All of the shock and outrage, be it by Conservatives over Belinda or Liberals over David, is nothing more than pure theater. You know it, I know it and so does everyone else. Every one of the shocked members would do the same if offered the chance.

Your outrage over the alleged betrayal by David Emerson of his constituents is also short sighted. I submit that most members are elected on their own merit and not necessarily their party affiliation. Belinda got in under two banners. Even in Welland, Peter consistently gets votes from non-NDP members because he has built up a personal following. Emersonís constituents have a better deal with a cabinet minister than they would have had with an opposition backbencher.

As far as Fortier and Montreal, it just makes sense. Harper has a mandate to bring a stable government to this country and he has to make some hard decisions. Give the guy a chance to do the job. If he fails, he will be thrown out.

Have a good week off, George. Come back in a calmer state of mind. Please.

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