Imagine if you were on an ambient journey into space and all you had on the ship was a xylophone and a digital delay ...

The Reluctant Cosmonaut is a new ambient experiment by Jim Casson. The Reluctant Cosmonaut utilizes mallet percussion (Gamelan Strips and xylophone) and just a hint of synth.  With this, he has created an interesting, melodic, ambient space.

The songs are all named after Russian Cosmonauts including “Yuri” (Gagarin – first human in space), “Valentina” (Tereshkova – first woman in space), “Laika” (Stray dog from Moscow that was the occupant of Sputnik 2) and “Pavel” (Not only the first name of several cosmonauts but also of Chekov, the navigator from Star Trek!).

  1. Valentina
  2. Yuri
  3. Laika
  4. Pavel
  5. Boris
  6. Aleksei

Available for digital download only at Bandcamp for $5.00.

Jim Casson – Gamelan Strips by Morfbeats, xylophone, keyboards

All songs SOCAN written by Jim Casson
All songs MAPL

Produced by Jim Casson